Skybell by Bover

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Skybell is an extensive system of light structures, designed to adapt to any type of application.‎
Their main characteristic is the image they give off, they are subtle and cheerful.‎ They breathe a point of fantasy and freedom in their applications because they can be combined in variations, mixing their 4 sizes, until they achieve a more personal and dynamic lamp concept or they can keep all the ‘bells’ in the same length, achieving a more traditional image.‎
Depending on the user’s preferences, the Bells can easily modify their positioning via a connector (Jack) that allows us to connect them to the network with just one click.‎ This function is suitable for the entire Skybell collection.

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33,6 W LED / CRI: 90 / 2700ºK | 4464 lm | IP-20

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Dimensions 130 × 130 cm


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