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Tribeca is a design Murano glass chandelier totally re-invented with respect to classic venetian chandeliers, it is designed using new structures and new elements; its modern design allows to exalt the beauty of the handmade artistic glass manufacturing.

Tribeca is manufactured with attention to details, becoming the real protagonist of the space in which it is inserted. The metal varnished structure is made of minimal and rigorous elements, the white glass diffusing elements are another element in contrast with the overall structure.

The colour is the characteristic that distinguish Tribeca from all the other collections: this lighting works is suggested in the catalogue in green and pink shades, pastel compact tones of the metal structure combined with the delicate shades of the glass elements.

Tribeca is a flawless lighting work, perfectly made using traditional manufacturing techniques: each element has been balanced to create an harmonious and refined chandelier. Tribeca is more than a lighting work, its value can be appreciate even when the lights are off.

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